Why Do Anorexics Drink Water from the Sink?

Anorexics drink water from the sink because it helps to fulfil their need for hydration. Anorexia nervosa is a severe and potentially life-threatening eating disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. 

This disorder is characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight, leading individuals to severely restrict their food intake. One consequence of this restriction is severe dehydration, as anorexics often limit their fluid intake as well. However, understanding why anorexics resort to drinking water from the sink can shed light on their unique habits and behaviours.

This behaviour is driven by the need for hydration, as tap water is readily available and easily accessible. Exploring the reasons behind this specific choice can provide valuable insights into the mindset and challenges faced by individuals with anorexia nervosa.

Understanding The Connection Between Anorexia And Water Drinking Habits

Anorexia nervosa is a complex psychological disorder characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image. Individuals with anorexia often exhibit various unusual behaviours, including drinking water from the sink. This peculiar habit may seem puzzling at first, but there is a hidden link between anorexia and water intake.

Research suggests that anorexics might drink water from the sink due to several psychological factors. One possible explanation is the desire to control their calorie intake and avoid consuming foods or beverages that may contribute to weight gain. By opting for tap water, anorexics can regulate their fluid intake without worrying about the caloric content of other drinks.

Another reason why anorexics may turn to the sink for water is related to their compulsive behaviour patterns. Anorexia is often associated with obsessive and repetitive actions, and drinking water from the sink can become a ritualistic behaviour that provides a sense of comfort and control.

Exploring The Physical Effects Of Anorexia On Hydration

The physical effects of anorexia nervosa on hydration can be severe, posing significant health risks to individuals. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by an extreme fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image. Dehydration is one of the risks associated with anorexia, as individuals may restrict their fluid intake to control their weight. This can lead to electrolyte imbalances, kidney problems, and even organ failure.

Drinking water from the sink may seem like an unusual behaviour, but for individuals with anorexia, it can serve as a way to mask their symptoms. By drinking water from the sink, they can appear to be hydrating themselves while avoiding the perception of consuming additional calories. This behaviour can be a form of self-deception, allowing them to maintain control over their eating habits.

However, it is important to note that drinking water from the sink is not a healthy or sustainable way to meet hydration needs. Professional help and support are crucial for individuals with anorexia to address their underlying psychological and physical issues.

Unveiling The Psychological Motivations Behind Sink Water Consumption

The feeling of control and empowerment associated with drinking water from the sink is a significant factor behind anorexics’ preference for this unconventional water source. Anorexia nervosa, a psychological disorder characterized by an irrational fear of gaining weight, leads individuals to adopt various restrictive behaviours, including dietary control. Drinking water from the sink provides them with a sense of control over their hydration levels, as they can monitor and regulate their water intake more conveniently than access to other sources. This heightened level of control aligns with the core motivations of anorexia nervosa, where individuals strive for a sense of mastery and dominance over their bodies.

Furthermore, societal pressures play a pivotal role in shaping anorexics’ behaviour regarding water consumption. In a society that places great emphasis on thinness and dieting, anorexics often succumb to societal expectations and internalize harmful beliefs surrounding body image. Drinking water from the sink may symbolize adherence to these expectations and a desire for achievement in their pursuit of thinness. It becomes a way for anorexics to demonstrate their dedication and discipline to their disorder, reaffirming their commitment to conforming to societal ideals at all costs.

Societal PressuresEffects on Water Drinking Habits
The emphasis on thinness and dietingDrinking water from the sink as a commitment to conforming to societal ideals
Beliefs surrounding body imageSymbolic representation of dedication and discipline to the disorder

Analyzing The Health Implications Of Drinking Water From The Sink

Accessing clean drinking water is crucial for anorexics on their journey to recovery. Drinking water from the sink can have both risks and benefits for individuals with anorexia. Firstly, the convenience of tap water availability can promote hydration, which is essential to support the body’s functions and overall health. Staying hydrated can aid digestion, improve cognitive function, and help with weight management. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that consuming tap water also poses potential risks. Tap water may contain contaminants and impurities that could exacerbate the already compromised health of anorexics. Therefore, anorexics should consider using water filters or opting for bottled water to ensure a safer drinking source. Prioritizing access to clean water can support their recovery process and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Shedding Light On Alternative Solutions For Anorexics’ Water Drinking Habits

Shedding Light on Alternative Solutions for Anorexics’ Water Drinking Habits

Encouraging healthier hydration practices for individuals with anorexia nervosa can play a crucial role in their overall well-being. Transitioning away from drinking water from the sink is one way to promote positive change. By exploring alternative options, we provide an opportunity for individuals struggling with anorexia to develop healthier drinking habits. Introducing filtered or bottled water can be a stepping stone towards separating the act of drinking water from the anxiety associated with accessing it. Educating anorexics about the importance of hydration and its impact on their physical and mental health is essential. Additionally, offering supportive resources such as counselling, nutritionists, and support groups can help individuals with anorexia navigate this transitional phase. By addressing their unique concerns and providing strategies tailored to their needs, we can empower individuals on their journey towards healthier hydration practices.

Conclusion: Breaking The Stigma Surrounding Anorexics’ Water Drinking Habits

Promoting understanding and empathy towards anorexics’ choices to drink water from the sink

Anorexia nervosa is a complex and often misunderstood eating disorder. Individuals battling anorexia nervosa face various challenges, including unique habits and behaviours that may seem puzzling to outsiders. One such behaviour is the choice to drink water from the sink, which has raised many questions and generated misunderstandings.

Contrary to popular belief, anorexics drinking water from the sink is not about vanity or seeking attention. Rather, it is often a coping mechanism or a way to maintain a sense of control. It is essential for society to adopt a more compassionate and informed perspective on this matter.

Understanding the underlying psychological factors and reasons behind anorexics’ drinking habits can help break down stigmas and provide a foundation for support and empathy. Open conversations and accessible resources are crucial in fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.


To wrap it up, it’s evident that anorexics opt for drinking water from the sink due to multiple factors like convenience, control, and secrecy. While it may seem peculiar to some, this behaviour reflects the complex nature of the disorder and the various coping mechanisms individuals resort to.

Understanding these underlying reasons can enable us to approach the issue with empathy and provide the necessary support to those struggling with anorexia.

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People with anorexia may experience bowel issues due to malnutrition and slow gastric emptying.

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Anorexics may like apples because they are low in calories, high in fibre, and can provide a sense of fullness. However, this habit can be a symptom of an eating disorder and should be addressed with professional help.

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