Why Does My Vizio Soundbar Keep Losing Sound?

Do you find it annoying when you are watching your favorite movie and your Vizio soundbar disappears, leaving the room silent, or the volume just lowers by itself? Perhaps you are worried about why does your Vizio soundbar keep losing sound or detaching from Bluetooth out of nowhere. These are common problems faced by most Vizio soundbar owners, but worry not! Have no fear because, with the right troubleshooting steps, this can be fixed to give you the quality of uninterrupted sounds once again.

Possible Reasons for Your Vizio Soundbar to Keep Losing 

There could be several reasons why your soundbar keeps losing sound. In this guide, we’ll explore common issues and provide simple solutions to get your soundbar back to delivering crystal-clear audio.

Loose Connections

However, one key cause of audio interruptions is loose connections. Make sure that all cables connecting your soundbar to other devices, such as TV, are correctly plugged in. Even slightly loose connections may lead to intermittent losses in sounds.


In addition, there may be signal obstruction between a sound bar and its source due to wireless interference emanating from nearby electronic devices like routers and microwave ovens. Does moving your sound bar away from areas where sources of interference might be present help?

Firmware Update

Further firmware updates or software bugs could bring about these issues concerning audio. You can check if any available firmware updates for your Vizio sound bar are outdated and install them if needed. Frequently updating the firmware will fix many issues, including interrupted sounds.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Furthermore, ensure that your Vizio sound bar is within the Bluetooth range recommended on the connected device if it disconnects from Bluetooth frequently. Additionally, look out for any potential obstructions interfering with the Bluetooth connection.

Power Supply Issues

On top of that, power interruptions can occur when an inadequate power supply or faulty plug socket is being used, hence causing an interruption in sounds produced by a given equipment, such as a radio set or even television set speakers connected through a soundbar. Ensure your sound bar is plugged into a reliable power source, and change the outlet if necessary.

Subwoofer Connectivity

On the other hand, if the subwoofer of your Vizio soundbar keeps cutting out, then you need to check on how well it connects to the soundbar itself. Check each of them for any kind of disconnection or any obstruction between or around them that would affect their connection.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Your Vizio Soundbar Keep Losing 

Here are some simple steps you can try to fix your Vizio sound bar problem:

Check Connections

Please verify whether all cables are correctly connected both to your sound bars and the devices to which they are linked, such as TV sets or audio sources.

Power Cycle

Just switch off both the soundbar and its associated devices and wait for a few moments before putting them on again. Some issues can be resolved by just a simple restart.

Volume Settings

You must make sure that volume levels on both your Vizio sound bar and devices connected through it have been adjusted accordingly, not even muted at all times, since wrong settings may cause volume fluctuations occasionally.

Factory Reset

Finally, if everything has failed, perform a factory reset, which may be your last hope in order to restore it back to default settings. Click here for instructions on how to initiate a factory reset in the Vizio soundbar according to the specific model found in its user guide booklet.

Final Thoughts

Nonetheless, being irritated with these interruptions when using Vizio Sound Bar should be turned into an opportunity that entails identifying their possible sources and following these troubleshooting steps discussed above where they could help rectify this situation and return proper sounds without interruptions once again. If the issue persists, contact the Vizio customer support team, which can offer further assistance.


Why is my Vizio soundbar losing its connection to the TV?

There are different possible reasons behind this issue. First, ensure that they are within reach of each other’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. The connection might not be stable if it’s too far or there are obstacles in between. Additionally, there could be interference from other wireless signals or electronic devices in your house. Try moving these devices away from the ones near the bar and TV, or alternatively changing the channel frequency if possible. Lastly, make sure both the soundbar and TV have their latest firmware updates installed since most of them come with fixes for connectivity problems.

What can I do to stop my Vizio Sound Bar from losing power randomly?

If your Vizio soundbar intermittently loses power, there are a few things you can try to fix this problem. Firstly, check that the power cable is connected securely from the back of the sound bar to a wall outlet or surge protector strip, but also ensure it goes directly into a wall outlet rather than one that is plugged into an extension cord or power strip because these may cause intermittent loss of power. Additionally, plug your sound bar into another wall socket and see if it still has issues with losing power intermittently; if yes, then there might be a problem with its internal power supply, which will require you to contact Vizio customer care for further assistance and maybe take it to their service center.

Why does my Vizio sound bar keep cutting out or having audio problems?

When your Vizio soundbar has audio problems like no sound whatsoever or distorted voice once in a while, several things could be leading to that. Firstly, inspect all audio cables connecting your bar to the television using other sources, such as music streamers and gaming consoles while making sure they firmly fit into their sockets without any wear marks on their outer surfaces and aren’t damaged at all. Moreover, adjust both TVs’ and Sound Bars’ audio settings, making them compatible and properly configured. If you are using a wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, make sure that there are no interference sources nearby that can cause interruptions in the sound signal. Finally, check for any updates concerning your sound bar and install the same if available; this is because such updates come with a number of fixes for audio-related problems. If it does not solve the matter, then think about contacting Vizio customer support service.

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